We don't sell our time. We sell results. We believe in hell yeah marketing. The customers should be happy to receive our marketing messages. We are always in search for new hacks and tactics.  Some work and some don't.
However, the big wins should  always outnumber the failures. 


Would you like access to the right resources?

Would you like some guidance?

Would you like to focus on someting else?


Different solutions for different needs.


    If you know what you ant to do, but need some input on the how-to, this is where you should start. You also need some time and enthusiasm, but the courses are easy to understand and describe the processes step by step. There is a Q&A section for every lesson, so we will always help you if you get stuck. 


    This is the right option if you are looking for some hands on support, but still want to learn execute with your internal resources. We support you in the strategy, planning and exploratory phases. We also check in to keep you accountable and to measure up outcome with hypothesis. 


    Search Engine Optimisation is the place to start for most planning and upgrading. Keyword and competitor research is valuable to any strategy. 

    Let us do an audit for you and talk based on our findings. 


    Facebook Ads represent the best option for most small and medium sized businesses for advertising. 
    It is that simple. If you are not leveraing the power of Facebook - start now!



    This is the option if you want us to take on the responsibility for your digital marketing efforts. We will plan together, but we will do whatever is necessary to reach the targets and purpose for your marketing. This service tailored to each client, so let us spend enough initial time to align our efforts.


Do It Yourself

Courses, webinars and articles you can dive into and handle the marketing at your own pace. 

Do It With You

You will get access to all of our marketing resources and we will coach you on a weekly basis. 

Do It For You

We execute your marketing plan so you don't have to hire new employees.
The perfect model for growth.

  • Oslo & Bali



Please contact us if you have any questions. We do most of our business online, so we can set up an online meeting to find out if we are the right match. 


Happy growth!


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